Ready to find a new #apartment?  Before you go, read these ten tips for your apartment search from How Stuff Works to prevent renter’s remorse.
Read your lease carefully before signing to find out what penalties there are for breaking your lease early.  You never know if you’ll get a great job in another state or your neighbor will be a notorious party-thrower.  Speaking of jobs, think about your potential apartment’s proximity to your work.  If your car is less than reliable, look for a place within walking or biking distance of your place of employment, or on a bus line.  If a commute isn’t a problem, you can open your search up to cheaper places in the suburbs.
Look at parking and whether your car will fit into the spaces.  If you have an electric car, make sure there are outlets or rent a private garage to have access to electricity.  Are you allotted enough spaces for everyone who lives in your place?  What about guests?  Figure out all these things before signing the lease.
Come up with a budget that you can live with and stick to it.  Also, research how much things cost in the neighborhood you’re looking at.  If you want to live where the action is, keep in mind that all your living expenses, from clothes to food, will go up in a more desirable neighborhood.  
Find out what the demographics are for the people who live in the communities you’re interested in.  Make sure their lifestyle will work with yours and you won’t be kept up by partying from college students next door.  If you plan on having a roommate, make sure all the doors lock for privacy and that there are at least two bathrooms for sanity.  Even if you will be living with your paramour, make sure there are double sinks.
If you have a pet, find out exactly how much they will cost.  It could add a lot to your rent.  Don’t even think about keeping your pet a secret; your landlord will find out and you will be awash in fees and fines or even face eviction!
Make sure you get the amenities you want, but if it costs more because the community has amenities you’ll never use, look somewhere else.  Also, find out how utilities are split and which ones you’ll be responsible for.  Try to find out what the utility bills were historically for your unit as well so you can budget ahead of time.
Finally, make sure you see the unit you will be renting and not just the model.  If your unit is occupied, be sure to ask to see a unit with a similar floor plan and walk by the one you will have.  If you don’t like it, ask the landlord if there are any in better locations available.  Also, be sure that everything is brand new and fixed before you get the keys!
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