Welcome Fall into your home with Apartment Therapy’s help.  Okay, it may seem ridiculous to be welcoming fall when Austin is still seeing temps in the 90’s (and last week it soared well into the triple digits), but it will be here before you know it.  In the meantime, get your apartment ready!
As soon as the temperature drops at night, change your bed linens to something warmer and in a darker, richer fall-inspired hue.  The change of the season is also a great opportunity to turn your mattress and give your pillows a good washing or buy news ones if necessary.  If you know how to sew, give sewing your own duvet a whirl to save some cash.
Want your walls to also announce that it’s time for Jack-o-lanterns, warm apple cider and sweaters?  Trade your wall art out for something that fits with the season.  Take down the summery prints and consider putting up a wall hanging such as a quilt or tapestry you may already have gathering dust in the linen closet.  Adding candles, particularly if they are in a spicy cinnamon or apple pie scent, really makes your home feel like fall, no matter what the thermometer says.
Consider changing out the decorative pillows on your couch and adding a couple of throw blankets for warming up on cold nights.  You can buy covers for the pillows you have or even make your own.  
If you have a fireplace, clean it out so it’s ready for use.  If your fireplace is decorative, think about dressing it for the season with objects like pumpkins, logs, tea lights, etc.  Also, to keep the muck and leaves associated with fall from being tracked through your house, place a boot tray just inside your door.  
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