Apartments Now San Antonio Card281 and 1604 have long been a nightmare to drive for San Antonio residents.  1604 is always backed up with traffic and 281 is filled with commute-delaying lights.  However, help is on the way in the form of a new plan recently revealed by public officials and reported on by Fox San

Officials say that the current incarnation was never planned to be a permanent solution.  Now, thanks to funds from TXDot totalling $146 million for the city, Commissioner Keven Wolff presented a resolution to the Metropolitan Planning Organization to remove the traffic lights and put in freeways.  No tolls are proposed and in fact the project is expected to be completed with existing tax money. 

Construction has already began on overpasses connecting 281 and 1604.  The entire project will likely take years to finish, but drivers say they can wait a little longer for something that will make their lives so much easier.  The plans are due in June and the decision as to whether the project will be funded should be announced later this year.  Hopefully the new roads will make the commute to your San Antonio Apartment easier and smoother!