When renting a small space, it is important that you make every inch count. Just because you have one room does not mean you can’t make your apartment feel like home sweet home. Don’t sacrifice style, but make the most of your space by utilizing these 3 cleaver decorating tips that are sure to make your small space more livable.
Tip 1: Divide it up!
Get creative with your space and create a separation between the sleeping and living area. Divide up your one room and help create the illusion of more space. Mount a sheer curtain to a track to give a bedroom some privacy, or simply use bookcases to divide up the dining room from the living room.
Tip 2: Lighten it up!
Brighten up your living space and transform your small space. If you do not get much natural light then make sure to add a mirror to your studio apartment. Also make sure to add a combination of houseplants and throw pillows to your apartment to help incorporate some color. Remember your space is a reflection of your style! 
Tip 3: Hang it up!
Add some character to your walls by hanging up some floating shelves. Utilize your vertical space and eliminate adding additional furniture in your small space. 

How do you make your studio apartment work for you? Let usknow in the comments below.

We feel even the smallest space is worth decorating. If you are looking for an apartment where you can get creative with the space saving solutions then contact us and let our licensed apartment findersfind you perfect apartment with just enough space!