It might feel like all the cool kids are doing it but like your mama said just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should – or should you? To make sure you don’t jump the gun before you are ready, here are 3 warning signs to look out for before taking the leap into homeownership.

Ask yourself these four questions to reveal whether you are ready to buy a house or not.

1. Are you committed to sticking around?
Unless you are certain that you want to stay in one spot for the next five years then you might not be ready to buy. Selling a house that you lived in less than five years will likely result in a loss of money. If your job is in limbo or you are considering moving, it is a wise decision to hold off on making the leap into home ownership right now.

2. Have you considered all your out of pocket expenses?
Your first hurdle is saving for the large down payment, but you are going to need more than that. As a potential home buyer you must have additional money saved for closing cost, emergency repairs, moving costs, and to furnish and decorate the new house.

3. Do you know all your buying options?
You might think that your only option is to purchase a single-family home, but there are so many more options. Depending on what suits your needs you could purchase a duplex, condo, or even a townhouse. If you think that a single-family house is the only option then you should take the time to explore all the alternatives.

Are you ready to buy a house? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.

We all know that owning a home is part of the American Dream, but for many, it is actually much more advantageous to rent.  If you have decided to rent while you prepare to buy or have decided that renting is what makes you happy; Apartments Now is here to help you through the entire search process. Let us help make your next move a smart move! Call us today (210) 802-1112.