A well-organized kitchen can make you eat in more, which in turn saves you money and makes you healthier!  So in the spirit of making your wallet a little heavier and you a little lighter, Apartment Therapy shares the secrets to a well-organized kitchen.

Even if you hate your stove, sink and refrigerator, if you’re an apartment dweller, they aren’t going anywhere.  So start with a good scrubbing down of the inside and outside of these well-used kitchen staples.  Next, create stations for all the things you do in the kitchen, just like chefs do at restaurants.  Think of things like cooking, cleaning, baking, prepping food, etc.

Now you need to organize the items needed for each task around that task.  For example, have the cutlery right by the sink so you can put it away as soon as you’re finished washing up.  Move other stuff around so that it’s located conveniently to where you work.  Spices, pots and pans should be near the stove, knives and cutting boards in your prep station, and store baking ingredients and supplies near your baking station.

You can store things you only bring down once a year, like the electric knife to cut the turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas cookie cutters, up high or down low.  “Merchandise” your kitchen stuff.  Keep it organized, arranged by size, color and frequency of use to make cooking an even more pleasant task.  When buying storage items like canisters, make sure they are super-functional (i.e. the lid is easy to get off), in addition to looking nice. 

Finally, once you’ve assigned everything a spot, continue to put it away in its assigned place!  That way if you’re out of something you can quickly notice it and add it to the grocery list or wash up, in the case of a cupboard empty of glasses.