So you’ve moved into an apartment and you now realize that you must decorate your apartment, but also have other things to spend your money on like the RENT. These 3 budget-friendly DIY decor projects are sure to help transform your space, even when your decorating budget is slim.

Brighten Up Your Space
Color decorative tape, such as washi tape, is temporary and easy to remove. 
Hide Imperfections
Hide the ugly with pretty plates. Buy a few small plates or frames from a decor store and glue a magnet to the back of the plate. 

Glam It Up
A plain bookshelf can get a glam look with a simple wrap. Temporary wall paper is adhesive and super easy to adorn to the back of a bookshelf – new look guaranteed!  

Decorating an apartment does not have to be a challenge, and neither does finding a place to live in San Antonio. Contact our apartment finders and let them help find you the perfect place to live for you and your budget!