Decorating an apartment can feel very limiting at times.  Often you can’t paint and you want to limit the number of holes you put in the wall.  With Better Homes and Gardens’ Tips, you’ll be making your place look like home in no time!
If you use floating shelves, you can change out the display on a frequent basis without putting additional holes in the wall.  From decorative items to leaning art and photographs, floating shelves are a very flexible way to spice up your walls.  
You may not be able to paint your walls, but you can paint your furniture!  Repainting an end table or dresser can make a huge difference in a room without having to worry about what your landlord will say.  
Using open shelving, particularly in the kitchen, can help you have more storage while using your objects as decor.  You can also use decorative containers to store kitchen utensils to liven up your counters.  
By using rugs, you can cover unsightly carpet in rentals and add more color and style to any room.  You also should work with, rather than against, elements that might not be your favorite.  Vintage bathrooms, for example, may have unusual colored tile.  Pick an accent color for accessories that distracts from the tile without clashing with it for the best look.
Create an entry if your apartment doesn’t have one with a bookcase.  Take out the top shelves and put hooks on the back wall to hang coats.  Add more hooks to the sides of the bookshelf to hang dog leashes or umbrellas.  Add baskets and small drawers to the bottom shelves to keep mittens, sunglasses, and other accessories.  You can even add a memo bar from the office store to the top to keep reminders you need to see as you leave each day.
Mirrors are a great way to brighten up small, dark places.  Try mirrors in your living room, dining room or bedroom to make the space look and feel larger.  Bonus points (and light) if you position the mirror across from a window.
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