If you have ever felt limited in decorating the apartment you are leasing, here are a couple simple temporary decorating ideas to help. There is no reason you should have to sacrifice your style leasing a temporary space. 

When you can’t paint then decorate! Renters must move into a space where they did not get to customize the finishes. Most apartment walls are painted in a neutral color. If you want to add some of you to your space why not try to add curtains in your favorite color. Better yet, show off your crafty skills and paint some of your own furniture. Adding just a couple of pieces of your personalized accessories can transform the look and feel of an apartment.

Spruce up those floors! Unfortunately, carpet color is something renters do not have the option of changing. Make the room more stylish by adding a rug to the room. By layering your rug over a carpet you can add your own flair. If you are new to the world of area rugs check out this informational article by Effortless Style that will guide you at area rug sizes.

Personalize your space with you! You can make your apartment feel like a home without painting walls and updating finishes. Add a classic look to your bathroom and hang a monogramed shower curtain or bath towels. Or create a gallery wall of pictures and artwork on that blank dull living room wall. Need help with a photo gallery wall? Jenna Burger Design shares Useful Ideas And Layouts To Create A Photo Gallery Wall. All of these attempts are very effortless, and will help you make the apartment your own. 

There is no reason not to dress up your apartment like you own it! We are experts in helping you find the perfect #apartment to decorate and would love to help you. Give Apartments Now a call at 210-558-7377.