If you are a mom or dad to a furry child then it is no surprise to you just how many paw-sitives there are to owning a pet. Infact 72%of Americans who rent own a pet and there is something to say for that. For those renters who are interested in adopting a pet here are 4 topics you should know before you commit.  

Pet-Friendly Housing
Moving your furry friend into your apartment without disclosing it to your landlord is considered a breech of contract. You must rent a pet-friendly apartment! 
Pet Deposit
You could be subject to an extra security deposit, higher rent, or even required to purchase renter’s insurance if you are renting with a pet. Most apartment communities will ask for the additional funds in order to offset any damages your pet may cause to the apartment.
Responsible Pet Ownership
Practice responsible pet parenting daily! You are responsible for the behavior of your pet around other rental tenants and their pets. That means making sure you keep your animal on a leash in required areas, staying up-to-date on vaccinations, and cleaning up after your pet.  
Understand Your Pet Agreement Policy
Apartment communities have established limits when it comes to pets since they are required to keep the building’s pet population at a manageable level. Every apartment community is different and has their own unique restrictions on the number, size/weight, and breads permitted. Read the fine print on the pet agreement and know your rights.  
Finding an apartment in San Antonio that is pet-friendly is not impossible. More and more apartment communities are welcoming pets and our licensed Apartment Locators help renters find pet-friendly apartments regularly.  If you are looking for a pet-friendly apartment in San Antonio give our experts a call, and let us help you find an animal loving community.