Living in an apartment means you have easy access to a pool and with summer quickly approaching it is important to brush up on your pool safety.  Before you begin all your fun in the sun activities, check out these safety tips that will ensure you and your guests have a great time out at your apartment community pool.

Review The Pool Rules
Make yourself aware of them and adhere to the safety rules and regulations your landlord has set. If you have guests or children make sure they adhere to them too. Pool rules will ensure a fun and safe time for everyone to enjoy.

Discuss Pool Safety with Children
Discuss potential dangers with kids and make sure they know how to use the pool in a safe manner. Talk about walking not running with little ones and always stay close when by kids in the water.

Stay Alert of Weather Conditions
In Texas weather changes in the blink of an eye. Summer storms can hit quickly so if you see lightning or hear thunder get out to the pool and seek shelter immediately.

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