Furniture arrangement can be tricky, but when you get the placement correct, the room just feels right. helps you make sure your furniture isn’t keeping your room from perfection.
The first step is to get all the furniture out of the room and start with a blank slate.  This can be super-difficult, especially if you are in a small apartment, but the effort is worth it so you can really start clean.  Next, make a decision on what your focal point will be.  This is the focus around which you will base the rest of the room.  It can be something like a fireplace, a view out a window, or artwork.
Next, you want to place your largest piece of furniture.  In the living room, this is your couch, in your bedroom, it’s going to be your bed, and in the dining room, it will be the table.  This piece of furniture should face the focal point and needs to be placed correctly or else the entire room will be off.  Make sure to allow easy movement through the room.  You don’t want to have to dodge a table to get out of your living room.  Think about how the room will be used, will it mostly see family gatherings, wild parties, sleeping and playing, etc. and place your largest piece accordingly. Also, don’t block doorways, windows, or views to other rooms.
Now it’s time to bring in your other furniture, making sure its placement enhances and works with your main piece and your focal point.  If one of the smaller pieces doesn’t play well with the main piece and the focal point, it should be eighty-sixed from the room.  As you place your pieces, remember to consider traffic flow, scale and proportion of how the pieces work together, and keep some pieces pulled away from the wall to make it feel airy.
Now enjoy your new perfectly laid out room!