Looking for one-of-a-kind objects to decorate your apartment?  We’ve got a round-up of some of the most interesting locally owned home furnishings and accessories stores in town!
Like to find unique items for your apartment while enjoying a glass of wine?  Then check out Aviary on South Lamar.  Full of interesting things for your home from throw pillows with Pee Wee Herman on them to couches and beds.  They also serve a constantly changing variety of small plates featuring locally sourced delicacies.
Mockingbird Domestics is across the street from Aviary and aims to have a variety of well-made modern-classic elements for your living space.  They have beautifully handcrafted furniture and carefully curated home decor, art, rugs, and accessories.
Breed and Company is a great source for home improvement items for your home, kitchen implements, garden stuff, and everything and anything in-between!  Breed and Company has two Austin locations, one just north of Campus on 29th street, and one in Westlake.
Mi Casa is located on South Congress and has one of the largest collections of museum quality religious and folk art from Latin America.  Furniture, art, decorations, and more, there is a treasure trove of unique items inside this sprawling shop.
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