Austin’s Tech Scene has been steadily heating up over the years and our innovative technology companies are now something we’re known for.  Realty Austin gives us a lowdown on some of the hottest startups in the ATX right now.
uShip is a company founded by a UT grad that specializes in helping independent shippers find the best shipping rates for their customers.  They use search and mobile apps to give customers the ability to ship large cargo and freight for bare bones prices.  They are an international company with a European headquarters in the Netherlands, but their North American HQ is right here in downtown Austin.  
You may have seen their little white Prius decorated to look like a mailbox zooming around town and wondered “what in the world is that?”  That, my friends, is a revolution in dealing with snail mail created by Outbox.  Outbox comes out to your mailbox, takes your mail, and swoops it back to their offices, where they open it, photograph it, and upload it for your perusal.  You can then decide if there’s anything you want physically, and act on the stuff you don’t need a physical copy of.  You can even unsubscribe from any mail you don’t want to get anymore.
Austin is known as a fit city, and MapMyFitness is making staying in shape a little easier.  This company owns three different apps that you can use for walking, biking, or running to create your own route, keep track of your progress, and share your route with other users.  If you want to become a premium subscriber, you can even get recommended routes, training suggestions, and information on how you are faring physically.
HeyRide is a new alternative to taxis that allows drivers to offer rides for a fee to riders.  Riders check out the site and see who is offering rides for their particular route, decide which one works the best for them, and then get hooked up with a driver to take them to their destination.  Although the City of Austin brought legal action against HeyRide because they they see HeyRide as an unlicensed taxi company, the CEO still thinks the concept has legs.
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