Locating the right apartment can be exhausting, and if you do not know the right questions to ask it can also be costly. Ignoring some of those important questions you should be asking about your future home will leave you in a less than ideal living situation down the road. Here are the top questions to consider in your next apartment hunt, so that you get the most value for your money.

What are the lease terms?
Before you fall in love with a space make sure you know the important terms of the lease such as the monthly rent payment, and the lease start and end date. Pay close attention to the date rent is due, and additional fees accrued for late payments. Once you sign the lease you are legally obligated, so make sure you understand all of the conditions and terms.
Make sure you ask the following questions when it comes to your lease:  
  • Am I allowed to modify my apartment?
  • Are there any roommate restrictions?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is there a penalty for breaking my lease?
  • Am I required to purchase renters insurance?
  • Is there a cost associated with parking?
What are all the move-in fees?
Every apartment community handles fees differently, so make sure you know what moving in will look like for you. Most landlords will require an application fee or processing fee, and likely a security deposit to obtain an apartment. Once approved, they will sometimes also require first and last month’s rent. Make sure you have an idea of what you will be expected to pay on the day you sign your lease.
What is included in my rent and what is not?
Obviously, the cost of the space is a deciding factor in your new home, but it is also important to know what is covered by your rent payment. Some apartment communities include trash and utilities, while others do not. Make sure you know all monthly costs associated with renting so that you do not end up surprised!
Knowing these answers will make it easier for you to get a clearer picture into your potential apartment community. Other questions to ask your potential landlord include:
·      Is there 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance?
·      Is there security on-site?
·      Do I have access to a gym?
·      Are there communal space hours?
Apartment searches are time-sensitive and can be overwhelming, but you do not have to do it alone. Working with a licensed apartment locator can help you avoid making a bad move. They are knowledgeable with the right questions to help guide your search, while also helping you save you time and money in the process. Give our experts a call!

A version of this article was featured on Angie’s List.