Your electronics need extra care when it comes time to lay out on the sand. You may enjoy going to the beach, but all that water, sand, wind and sunscreen can be a death knell for your phone, tablet or camera.  Apartment makes sure you and your gadgets survive the summer!

If you prefer to read your magazines or books on a screen rather than paper, make sure you bring the best device for the job.  The Kindle has an eInk display which keeps the print dark and glare from being a problem, even in bright sunlight.  So ditch the iPad and bring your Kindle on vacation to enjoy the latest trashy summer read.

Of course you wouldn’t bring your phone, tablet or other portable electronic into the water, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get splashed or a gust of wind won’t knock sand into its seams.  Prevent catastrophe by keeping your gadgets in ziplock baggies.

Want to groove while you swim?  Bring a small waterproof speaker.  That way you can tote along your tunes wherever you go and make sure your picnic has a great soundtrack.

Sunscreen can wreak havoc on technical devices’ finishes, so before you answer a call or snap a photo, make sure your hands are nice and dry.

Finally, sun can do a number on your electronics, so keep them in the shade to prevent them from getting too hot.  Also, just bring the bare necessities.  You are supposed to be enjoying nature, right?  Don’t get too plugged in and keep some of those tech toys back at the apartment.