Brightening up a dark space is a must if your apartment doesn’t get as much light as you’d like it.  With Apartment Therapy’s tips, you’ll be seeing the light in no time! 
Replacing heavy thick curtains with sheers can go a long way towards letting light in, as will replacing lightbulbs with daylight bulbs.  Other ways are to decorate with items that give out and reflect light, like mirrors, glass and metal.  You can also make a window look bigger by using floor-length curtains on either side.  A room will feel more spacious and light filled if you use less furniture and make sure it’s low to the ground and on a smaller scale.  
You’ll get a better quality of light by decorating with a variety of lamps rather than a single overhead light.  Diversify the levels of light in different parts of the room by varying the brightness in different areas.  Use different types of lights at different levels (on the ground, on tables, and hanging from the ceiling.)  Painting your walls white (be sure to ask your landlord first), will go a long way towards taking advantage of any light in your apartment.  As far as what you hang on your walls, stick with light artwork, and on the floor, use rugs in light colors as well.  
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