As a renter you might sometimes feel restricted in decorating your apartment walls, but making the place feel like home should be a fun and exciting experience for everyone! Here are a couple creative yet temporary ways to help brighten up those boring apartment walls without risking your deposit.
Hang Posters, Maps, Or Framed Artwork
Create a gallery wall in your apartment and bring life to those boring white walls. Find framed artwork, mirrors, maps, or posters and style the room away with these inexpensive temporary wall decor ideas!

String Up Decorative Lights
Find a cute set of decorative lights and hang them up using some temporary adhesive tape. Not only will they create a festive atmosphere, but they will also brighten up your space.

Use Decorative Masking Tape
One of the most popular ways to add color to any wall is to use masking tape. Wasabi tape is colorful and yet lightweight.  Get creative with wasabi and tape away your walls!

Stick Vinyl Decals
Vinyl decals is a relatively easy way to add some color to your walls minus the paint. Add some vinyl decal dots to any wall and instantly transform the feel and look of the room.

Add Fabric
Painting your apartment walls is simply not an option for renters, get color creative in other ways. Temporarily sticking fabric to your walls is creative and great alternative to wallpaper. It is perfect for creating an accent wall in the bedroom, without the commitment. Follow this step-by-step tutorial for more instruction.

Have any more ideas on how to beautify those boring apartment walls? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

You do not want to jeopardize your relationship with your landlord, so make sure to use temporary decorative solutions on those boring apartment walls. For more temporary wall decorating ideas check out our Pinterest

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