Clean your pantry in 10 minutes.  Does that sound too good to be true?  It’s not, promise!  The Kitchn has six ways you can straighten up your pantry this very evening.
Make sure all the labels are facing out so you can see what you’ve got and stack like items.  You should also group similar items and flavors together.  For example, keep all the ingredients that go into Mexican food together, Asian food, etc.  That way you can get all the stuff you need for your meal at the same time without wasting time digging through the pantry.
Next, use a wet dishrag to wipe up all the dust, flour, and other assorted muck that’s accumulated on your shelves.  You should also make sure that everything you’ve got on hand is still good.  Check the expiration dates and toss anything that’s no longer fit to eat.
While you’re tidying up your pantry, use a post-it note to make a list of meals you can make from what you’ve already got in your pantry.  This will result in less waste, lower grocery bills, and might keep you from ordering take out on a night when you’re exhausted.  
Finally, if your dishes also reside in the pantry, wipe out any dust from the bowls, straighten the plates and make sure all your dishware is in its proper place.
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