We use our tech devices daily, which means they can get kind of gross and dirty.  Read on for the Unclutter.com’s instructions on how to clean your most used items.
Smartphones should be cleaned every other day, perhaps less often if you keep it in a case.  Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Windows phone, or whatever, these steps will keep your most important tech gadget in top shape.  First, turn off your phone.  Then, use a slightly damp, lint-free cloth to wipe the phone, being sure to not get any moisture on any openings.  Then clean the home button with a dry, lint-free cloth.  Never use household cleaners or spray a cleaner directly on the phone.  This could ruin your phone.
Tablets should be cleaned in the same way as the phone, but they should only need a wipe down once a week.
Desktops and laptop computers don’t see as much action as your phone or tablet, but should still be given a good “scrubbing” about once a month.  Use your slightly damp lint-free cloth again to wipe down the body of your computer and your screen.  Never spray anything directly on the screen and don’t get any liquids near any of the openings.
Keyboards can get really gross, especially if you eat at your desk (hey, who doesn’t?)  First, unplug your keyboard from your computer or remove the batteries if it’s wireless, then use a disinfectant wipe to clean one area at a time, drying with the lint-free cloth after you are done.  Make sure your disinfectant wipe isn’t too wet.  Don’t use wipes that have bleach or sprays, don’t let liquid collect, and don’t use rough items like paper towels.  Your keyboard should be cleaned every two weeks.
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