Although once thought taboo, living with a roommate of the opposite gender is something most people wouldn’t bat an eye at these days.  However, there are certain ground rules to set and pitfalls to avoid so your #apartment doesn’t turn into a war zone.  Global shares what you need to think about and discuss with your potential opposite sex roommate to make sure life is peaceful in your new home.
There is a phenomenon psychologists have observed where when friends of opposite genders are in close proximity with one another, they often become attracted to one another.  This doesn’t mean you are going to become romantically involved or that you even want to.  Watch out for this “revelation of possibility” and be conscious of intimate touches or flirting that could end in an unwanted romantic relationship.  A good guideline is if the behavior wouldn’t feel acceptable in public or in front of a romantic partner, it’s dangerous.
If either or both roommate is in a relationship, the significant other(s) may not be enthusiastic about their loved ones living together.  Call a meeting with all parties to reassure your girlfriend/boyfriend that there isn’t a danger of the two of you becoming romantically involved.  Also discuss how often each of you can bring home dates.
Set rules for modesty.  You may think it’s perfectly fine to traipse around in next-to-nothing, but it can make your roommate feel uncomfortable.  Go ahead and set expectations of what is appropriate so no one is offended later.
Don’t fall into stereotypes like the woman cleans and the man fixes stuff.  Share household chores equally just as you would with another roommate of the same gender.  Also, don’t become emotionally dependent on your roommate, letting them stand in for a love interest.  Open communication about all parts of the relationship are key to avoid hurt feelings.
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