Homeowners are twice as likely to purchase insurance versus the average renter. While renters insurance can help protect your belongings, we understand that all the legal jargon can be a turn off. We debunk the 2 most common misconceptions about renters insurance for you so that you get it NOW and it can save you LATER!

Misconception 1: I don’t need it because my landlord is insured.
You landlord’s insurance policy only covers the structural damage to the building, not your stuff. Your landlord is not responsible for the damages to your stuff nor does it protect you.

Misconception 2: I don’t own enough to warrant the expense.
Many renters think that renters insurance is too expensive and do not want to take on another added monthly cost. Much to renters surprise you can obtain an insurance policy for around the cost of having a pizza delivered to you each month for dinner. Even though it might not seem like a lot of stuff in your apartment, the average 2 bedroom renter has around $30,000 worth of personal belongings.

Renters insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance, yet many apartment dwellers are left uninsured. Our licensed apartment locators can help clear up any confusion and guide you through the entire process- from the apartment search to renters insurance. Give us a call and let our apartment finders help you find the best place to call home!