Controlling clutter can be a very difficult, overwhelming job.  But with these tips from, you’ll be living in a mess-free zone in no time!
The first step is to break down cleaning into smaller, more manageable steps.  Make your big goal getting your desk cleaned and organized by the end of the month.  Then say you’ll clean one drawer a Saturday.  Your progress will motivate you to keep going.
The next step is to regularly make decisions about what belongings you should keep, and what you should get rid of.  It’s much easier to bring new belongings into your home than it is to take them out.  So think about whether you really need something before it ever darkens your door.  Then think long and hard about whether you need it your current possessions.  If you haven’t used it in months, it might be time to give it a new home.
Paper can be a huge source of clutter in the home.  There are several ways to keep stacks of paper from overwhelming you.  First, as soon as you get the mail, take junk mail to the trash, don’t even use your precious time to open it.  Next, set up a basket, file or drawer for everyone in your house.  As you go through the mail, place it in the appropriate container. 
Limit how long you keep a magazine or newspaper and then recycle it when the number of days is up, whether it’s been read or not.  Have a shelf or basket where you can keep a certain number of magazines and catalogs.  In order to add a new one, you have to get rid of an old one.  
When you get the mail, open the bills immediately, write the due date on the envelope, and then store your bills in a folder or file drawer.  Then establish one day a week when you pay bills.  Paying them regularly will make it seem less overwhelming.  Better yet, go electronic and ditch the paper bills all together!
Finally, remember that the mess didn’t get there in a day, so you can’t necessarily get rid of all of it that quickly either.  Becoming an organized person is something that you have to face head on and make a habit, even if it means confronting some uncomfortable things about yourself and why you are holding on to things.
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