These little tips will make your life in your apartment easier, even if they sound a little insane.  Apartment gives you a whopping 15 ideas, but I’ll highlight some of my favorites here.

Store a marker in the freezer so anytime you put something in there, you can label it. It will save you from hunting for a marker and from wondering what something is or even worse when you put it in there.  Everything looks the same in Freezer bags!  Also, keep the refrigerator organized and always put your food in the same places.  That way you’ll always know at a glance whether you need more of something.  You can keep your medication and vitamins in the fridge as well so you can grab and take them when you eat your breakfast.

Snag travel-sized bottles of your favorite toiletries and keep them in your suitcase.  That way you’re always ready to go and those travel versions don’t crowd your linen closet.  On the same note, keep your beach and ski stuff packed and ready to go.

Always losing your keys?  Hang them on the back of the front door or get a lock that has a key lock on the inside.  This way you’ll always know where your keys are!

Keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom and kitchen so you can take a couple of minutes to wipe stuff down everytime you use the bathroom or kitchen, rather than spending a long time cleaning on the weekend.  Another time saver is to put several trashbags in the bottom of your trashcans so when you take the trash out, you can just put a new one in its place.  If you combine this with a dryer sheet, your trashcan will smell much better too!