Today, more than half of households have reported spending more time at home than ever before making the need for privacy a priority for many renters. In a recent survey by the Demand Institute, 65% of those surveyed said that having privacy from neighbors was important. Here’s a couple tricks to help you maintain privacy while continuing life as an apartment dweller.

Strategically arrange your apartment.
Try to arrange the furniture in your apartment so that your “private space” faces away from any windows. Remember that people can see into your space when you have the lights on at night so try to keep them off or invest in a privacy screen.

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Cover up windows.
Do not hesitate to put up curtains to shut out any prying eyes or sound.  Another option is to add a planter or window box.  Both will add a sense of privacy and security to your apartment.

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Shield your outdoor view.
If you love enjoy having an outdoor living space but don’t like sharing it, make sure you add an umbrella, screen, or shrub to create more privacy around you. If you want to drown out your neighbors or any road nose then putting a small water fountain on your balcony or patio will help.

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Our apartment finders understand how important privacy can be living in an apartment. Contact us and let us help you find the perfect apartment for you and your budget!