A dedicated study spot is a must if you are going to make Dean’s List honors this semester. πŸ˜‰ As back-to-school quickly approaches here are 3 study space ideas full of color and inspiration to help organize your apartment while also reducing distractions.

Regardless of the square footage of your apartment, an awesome and affordable study space is achievable. Remember to take advantage of any and all back to school sales this month.

When planning out your space make sure to remember these 3 important elements:
  1. Multi-Furniture: Utilize pieces that have multi-use, especially for small spaces.
  2. Lighting: Add a mirror to space or task lighting to brighten up space.
  3. Organization: Utilize multi-tier systems and your wall space. Include shelves, cork boards, and containers to keep the space tidy.

Here are a few study spot ideas for your apartment:

The Living Room Study Spot
Under Bed Study Spot
Designated Room Study Spot
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