It is that time of the year. Are you ready to get your apartment organized and begin your spring cleaning? Maybe you need to get ready to move out? Here are simple 3 steps to help you declutter your apartment so you can maximize your small space.

Plan It Out
Decluttering your apartment is not an easy or quick task, but it is necessary. Get started and go with the momentum.  Start with the most challenging area and stay focused.

Create a zone with 4 piles: garbage, recycling, giveaway, and keep. As you declutter your apartment build the piles and then after you complete each area put the entire zone away. At the end of the day, you might feel ready to throw in the towel but don’t give in and dump the trash on your way to the thrift store.

Add Storage
Consider adding storage for the “keep” pile. You want everything to have a home in your apartment. Try adding shelves or purchasing clothing bins to maximize the under bed storage.

Sometimes decluttering is not enough and you just need more space. Our apartment finders at Apartments Now are experts in working with renters who are looking for more space but do not want to pay more.  Give us a call and let us help find you the perfect sized apartment for your budget.