Congratulations! You have rented your first apartment. Now comes the task of decorating your newly leased apartment with your personal belongings. At this time you probably do not own all the furniture and items you need to fill up your apartment, but there are a few essentials you just should not live without. As you settle into your new home you will need more things. In the meantime check items off this first-time renter decor checklist, and get by your first year with the minimum.

Bedroom Necessities

It is extremely important that you get the proper rest, and that your bedroom is decorated as your sanctuary. Here is a list of items you absolutely need to include in your bedroom so that you can escape every night and unwind.

  • Bed: If you have a headboard and frame then great. If not, a mattress or air mattress will do just fine. It is vital to your health that you get a good night rest so make sure you have something to sleep on at night (besides the floor).  Invest in a good mattress, you will use it every night!
  • Bedding: Make your bed as inviting as possible. You need to have a pillows, a sheet set, and a blanket for your mattress.  
  • Lamp: Purchase at least one small lamp and move it around your apartment as needed. The extra lighting always comes in handy when trying to set the ambiance in your home.
  • Mirror: You will want to purchase a mirror for your first apartment. It will help the illusion of more space and it will brighten up your home. If you can afford you should place one in every room.
  • Curtains: You will need a set of curtains for privacy, but also for decor. Make sure to remain neutral in color, but not texture. 
  • Framed Art: Since you probably cannot paint the walls in your rental, framed art will add some color and visual interest to your room while helping keep expenses down. 

Bathroom Necessities
Your life just would not the be same without this simple list of bathroom essentials.

  • Towels: You do not need many, but you need to supply yourself with plenty of each size. The softer the better!
  • Candles: They will help create a spa -like atmosphere, as well as help mask bathroom odor.
  • Shower Curtain & Bath Mat: Here is a great way to add some color to the room, and absolutely essential decor items in a bathroom
  • Stylish Storage: Bathrooms usually do not have much storage space. Get rid of the cardboard boxes and into something more stylish like straw baskets. They can store everything from toilet paper to magazines to laundry, plus they make it look better!
  • Personal hygiene products: Because you NEED them! Do not just line them up, but be sure to consider the presentation of these items in your bathroom. Some of those bottles and containers are lovely to look at and can be placed in a decorative manner.

Kitchen Necessities
Eating out can put a big hole in your wallet, and sometimes as a first-time renter you are just getting adjusted to budgeting. Make sure you have all the necessities to cook at home.  Here is a list of decorative items you absolutely should stock in your kitchen.

  • Towels/Sponge: Sure you need this stuff to clean up any mess, but this is a great way to bring some color into your kitchen
  • Pans: You should purchase a simple set of pans so that you can cook your meals at home. Buy a set with color handles and use the colorful pans as decor on your kitchen stove, or simply use a colorful tea kettle.
  • Silverware: Buy a decorative container and place your silverware in it for decor. You do not need to fill up your counters with items you will absolutely never use, instead use your kitchen essentials as decor.
  • Tray: Get yourself an “everything” tray. You can use it to eat on if you do not own a kitchen table or have a bar top in your apartment. It can even serve as a mini bar when you have guests over and a nightstand in your bedroom at night. This is an essential decor item every first-time renter should own!
  • Trashcan: You will need a place to pile up your trash so why not make it a nice one! You will use it everyday and it will probably sit in eye sight so make sure it isn’t an eye soar.

Renting an apartment for the first-time can be exciting, yet also very stressful if you are not familiar with the time-sensitive process. Our apartment finders can help make the search process easier on you. They work daily with first-time renters to help them secure the best apartment for their budget! Call them today!