Decorating a rental can sometimes be frustrating and leave you with paralyzed and in a space that doesn’t look like yours at all.  With’s tips, you’ll be living in a place that feels like home in no time at all!  
First of all, base your decisions on how long you expect to stay in the apartment.  If you like the size of your place and don’t expect the rent to go up soon, painting and making some more serious changes could be worth it because you’ll be staying there for a while.  Your lease may stipulate you’ll have to repaint before you leave or put back up the original blinds, but the enjoyment you’ll get out of having a personalized space for the long haul is worth it.  On the other hand, if it’s a short term rental or if you aren’t sure of how long you’ll be there, it’s probably worth waiting to make any major changes.
Talk to your landlord before you dismiss making changes.  They may be amenable if you are planning to use a neutral color other than white, or maybe they don’t like the window coverings either and will share the cost of better blinds with you.
If you’re concerned about leaving holes in the walls, there are wall hooks from companies like 3M that allow you to hang pictures without damaging the walls.  You can also use wall stickers to make your walls look more vibrant and they can be removed without any damage when it’s time to move on to your next place.
Finally, use accessories to make your apartment feel more like home.  Whether it’s a vase of flowers on your dining table or a decorative bowl and a pile of books on your coffee table, little pieces can really help your space feel more like you.  Plus, you can take them with you when you move!
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