#Apartments often come with tile, flooring or wall colors that you don’t like, but can’t be changed because you are renting.  About.com tells you how to live with a color you can’t stand.
First of all, figure out what you don’t like about the color.  Is your problem color really out of style or just a color that you hate?  Next, figure out not only what color your hated object is, but what the undertones are to it so you can choose colors that go with it rather than fight against it or make it look even worse.
Once you’ve identified the offending color and its undertones, you have a couple of choices, the first of which is to “hide it in plain sight”.  That means that you should surround it with similar colors, which should help it blend it rather than stick out like a sore thumb.  Use the color wheel to find analogous colors that will soften the ugly color.
Your other option is to be adventurous and embrace the color you once hated.  If it’s a pattern that you are horrified by, then pick some colors from the pattern to decorate with.  If it’s from another time period, why not embrace that style and go a bit retro to make it seem like an intentional, fun choice rather than something you are stuck with?
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