Some Halloween decor can stay up through Thanksgiving.  The key is creating a more elegant environment rather than one that’s cheesy and over-the-top.  Check out Zillow’s suggestions and get the perfect spooky Fall vibe in your apartment.
Using nature as decor is a great way to decorate, plus it’s inexpensive.  Branches, curly willow sticks, wheat sheaves, bales of hay and dried flowers are all great items you can borrow from nature to decorate your home.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for outside, art supply or craft stores will have what you need.
When trying to up the spooky factor, think of objects that are found in old haunted houses, like candelabras, mercury metal accessories and mirrors.  Using these will allow you to keep your display up until it’s time to pull out the Christmas tree.
Pumpkins are an obvious choice, but there are a plethora of unique gourds that will bring interest to your holiday table.  For the best results, group multiple gourds or pumpkins together to really wow guests.
Use classic, vintage decorations to lend a nostalgic air to your home.  Things like painted wood boards and big tin letters that spell out Halloween words like Boo are a great choice.  
Don’t be afraid to pile on the accessories, especially when it comes to your front porch.  Halloween only comes once a year, after all, and it can be such a blast to see the looks on Trick or Treater’s faces when you’ve really transported them to another world with your decor.  Happy Haunting!
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