Downtown is the heart of the city, and home to some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and tallest buildings. Rich with history it’s a great place to live, just ask the hundreds of residents that call this area of San Antonio home.  It’s never been a better time to rent an apartment in downtown with all the new multi-family development and the redevelopment of the area. Now could be one of the best times to lease an apartment in downtown with some of the lowest occupancy rates reported all year.

For decades the hallmarks of downtown were the Alamo and a convention center, but it has begun to evolved to more. With the revitalization of downtown come new trendy restaurants, a downtown grocery store, a new children’s museum, a performing arts center, new hotels, and an expansion in the housing market. Crime is on a steady decline in the area and downtown transportation is expanding.

There has been a lot of focus placed on the revitalization of downtown. You can now find various blogs, facebook pages, and groups focused on promoting the development of downtown San Antonio. There has been a clear movement to preserve, protect and develop the downtown area. 

In just a decade, downtown multi-family housing has come a long way. New multi-family construction remains a driving force in the downtown market with over 3,000 units on the horizon for downtown living. There is no better time than now to rent a downtown apartment with the higher vacancy rates and a third quarter decline in rent rates.

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