Got a #LoudRoommate?  Check out eHow’s article on drowning out loud roommates and make your #apartment a quiet zone once again!
Use white noise.  If shutting your door isn’t enough, try a fan, a white noise machine, or a cd that plays relaxing noises like a waterfall and put it right next to your bed. You can also download a white noise app on your phone and use that.
Buy noise-canceling earplugs to block out all extra noise so you can sleep in silence.  When you’re awake, you can use headphones to listen to your own music, but be careful not to turn the music up so loud that you damage your hearing.
Use soundproofing curtains in front of windows, door frames and shared walls.  This will absorb some of the sound coming from the other parts of your apartment.
Don’t just suffer in silence, though.  Talk to your roommate about how loud they are being and how it is affecting you.  You just might be able to get them to be quiet.
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