Does your apartment have good energy? You might have dismissed the idea to feng shui your apartment, but it it does not hurt to consider all the ways your apartment could be affecting your mojo. So whether you are transitioning into a new apartment or just doing some holiday decorating or organizing, here are a few quick and easy tips sure to get things rolling in a new direction.

Bedroom: Put Your Bed in the Command Position
First, make sure in your bedroom that where you place the bed you can enter it from both sides. It also must be placed where you have a clear view of the door, without having your feet point directly at it. All of these feng shui tips will help aid in a better night’s sleep.

Living Room: Add Live Plants
If you have a computer make sure to place a live plant within 3 feet to help balance the electro-magnetics that come from electronic devices. Surround yourself with live plants, preferably those with rounded leaves since they represent wealth and you want to welcome wealth!  Most importantly do not hold on to old flowers. Dried flowers in the room represent dead energy, and you don’t need any of that. Do not want live plants around then buy a silk plant or anything made of a natural material.

Kitchen Nook/Dining Area: Add A Mirror

A well placed mirror can help transmit the flow of energy in your apartment. Adding them to your dining area can help increase the enjoyment of meals. They also help brighten up dark areas.  Make sure to stay away from placing them in front of doors since the feng shui concept believes it will only repel entering energy.

If you have never decorated by the rules of feng shui you might be surprised how a few minor adjustments can have such a huge affect on your life.

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