Professional Movers can make moving a lot easier, but there are still some guidelines you need to follow, especially if it’s your first time hiring somebody to do the heavy lifting.  With TLC’s tips, you’ll make sure you’re doing it right and save money.
Talk to the company about what they will and won’t move before moving day.  Most companies have guidelines on what they won’t move, ranging from things like household chemicals, paints and liquids that jeopardize their safety, to things that won’t move because of liability risks like cash, valuables, important papers, photographs, pets, food and medicine.  Make sure you’re prepared to pack any items on the no-no list.
Find out whether your movers will be doing the packing or if that’s up to you.  If you are the one packing, use lots of cushion in the form of newspaper, bubble wrap or blankets because if items you packed break while they’re being transported, movers usually aren’t liable for it.  Make sure you have plenty of boxes and label them all with your name, room destination, and what’s inside so you can stay on top of where everything needs to go in your new home.  Once packing’s finished, separate the boxes that are heavy from the ones that are light to make loading easier.  Also, keep doorways clear of boxes so there are no tripping hazards and don’t put boxes on the heavy furniture that will be most likely loaded first.
In case something goes wrong, be sure you are covered by purchasing insurance, whether through the moving company or your own provider.  If you purchase from the moving company, you will have to choose between two types:  by the pound and comprehensive.  By the pound is generally cheaper, but it will only reimburse you for something based on its weight, which may not cover the full replacement or repair value.  Comprehensive coverage may cost more, but it covers all damages and losses.
Having drinks and snacks on hand is a kind thing to do for your movers.  They are often booked back to back and don’t have time for a meal or even a snack between houses.  So having cold water bottles and energy bars are a great way to show you appreciate how much work they are doing and to make sure they stay at their best.
Finally, be sure you have cash to tip your movers.  Moving is hard work, especially if they are going to be driving a long distance to your new home.  So if they do a good job, make sure to give them some cash to show how much you appreciate their hard work!
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