Sharing an #apartment with a roommate and not sure how to handle guests?  Check out’s suggestions for how to set limits on guests before they become a problem.
Give your roommate ample notice if you are going to be having guests.  If a guest drops in without giving you warning, let your roommate know immediately by calling or texting them so they will know someone is there before they return home.
Show your guests what they can use and what is off limits.  If your guest uses your roommate’s stuff without permission, then you have to replace it and apologize to your roommate.
Have a limit for how long a guest can stay that is agreeable to your roommate as well.  Make sure your visitor leaves things exactly as they found them and if they don’t, clean up after them right away.
Have a rule for how often guests can visit.  It can be draining for your roommate to always have guests over.  After all, they didn’t sign up to run a hotel!
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