Do you have a #LoudRoommate?  Don’t think you just have to live with it.  There are solutions and Lil Miss Red has advice for getting that loud roommate to turn down the volume.
The first step should be talking to your roommate.  The television, the radio or phone conversations shouldn’t be so loud that you can hear them in another room.  Of course, just having another inhabitant in your apartment means there will be some noise, but it shouldn’t be unreasonable.  If they want to listen to music, it’s perfectly rational to ask them to do it in their room or on headphones.
Create white noise in your room to mask the loud roommate.  Whether a fan, a white noise machine, a white noise app, or music of your own choosing, any of these solutions should help you focus or sleep in the face of sound.
Get earplugs for sleep and headphones for the offender and yourself.
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