Buying a home takes confidence, financial strength, and two incomes in many cities. A recent study between RentCafe and PropertyShark looked at home prices and incomes, for both women and men, in Texas and revealed the real effect the wage gap has on Texans homebuying habits.

The joint study between RentCafe and PropertyShark acknowledged that a single woman in Texas can’t afford to buy a home. Many singles, with a dream to purchase their own home, cannot afford or qualify for a home mortgage to purchase that dream home.

San Antonio remains affordable. It is the only major city, in Texas, where a single woman can afford to buy a home on a single income, according to the joint study. Industry standards recommend spending no more than 30% of your income on mortgage payments or rent. Buying a home in cities like Austin, Fort Worth, and Houston requires ladies to spend more than the rule of thumb, therefore leaving them out of the homebuying market.

The Alamo City is still considered an affordable housing market and it provides no shortage of places to rent or buy.  Our agents are familiar with the city’s apartment rental inventory and can help guide you through the entire process.  Give us a call and let us help you find your next home!