Millions of viewers will tune in to the Oscars, a glamorous event, in just a few weeks. You too can join in the celebration by hosting your own Oscar-worthy party in your apartment. If you are planning on watching the award ceremony with friends, here are a few ways to dress up your party.

Just add glitz and glam
Dress up, your apartment. Incorporate colors into your decor that are inspired by the Oscars, such as gold and black.

Create a specialized menu
Create a buffet-style centerpiece in your kitchen with themed snack-size bites your friends can feast on before the awards. Remember that food makes every party better.

Play it up
Create a fun game to play with your friends before the award ceremony begins and end your night with your own award ceremony.

Check out all our Oscar party ideas on our Pinterest. It is your show, so add your own touch. These simple ideas will help create a memorable night for all to enjoy.

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