We are often asked how we can help you find an apartment for free.  The answer is that we are paid by the apartment communities when you sign a lease.  Apartment Communities have spend a lot of money on advertising to reach potential renters, but these television, internet, radio and print ads all cost a lot of money and don’t guarantee that the potential renters they reach will be qualified to rent in the community.
When we meet with you, we both vet apartments for you and vet you for the apartment complex.  We discuss your needs in an apartment and any roadblocks you may have to getting an apartment, such as a low credit score or past broken lease, and will only take you to communities where we know they will work with these limitations.  When you walk into an apartment complex with an apartment locator, the leasing agent at the complex knows that you at least meet their minimum qualifying guidelines to lease an apartment.  You have already seen pictures, know the amenities offered at the complex and basically you have narrowed this down to a stop on your list.  So the leasing agent can focus on really showing you around, and showing the amenities of their community.
An apartment locator can narrow down the choices to what works for you and will only show you apartments that have units that meet your criteria.  If you want wood floors and a garden tub, you may waste two days worth of gas and time going to 15 apartment complexes that have wood floors, but they don’t all have garden tubs.  With an apartment locator, we can rule out complexes that don’t fit your criteria right in our office and spend our time only visiting in person those complexes that have what you want.  We also know which complexes have vacancies, so we won’t waste your time showing you apartments where there’s not an available unit that meets your needs.
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