Carving a Pumpkin is the perfect activity for fall.  It’s fun for all ages, but if it’s been a while since cut into a pumpkin, check out The Kitchn’s tips on how to carve a pumpkin like a pro.
First, set up your workspace.  Outside is best, but no matter where you set up shop, cover your surface with something that that you can toss when you’re done, like butcher paper, newsprint, or cut-up grocery bags.
Next, make sure you have the right tools.  A Pumpkin Carving Kit can be purchased at your local store and comes with dull, but easy to use tools that are safe for even a small child.
Use a marker to draw your design on your pumpkin before you carve so you have a guide.  Plus, set up a couple of large bowls, one for pumpkin guts and one for seeds.  
Don’t throw away those seeds!  They taste delicious roasted and will be a great snack for after you’re done with your hard work.
For the step-by-step instructions on pumpkin carving, be sure to visit The Kitchn and happy carving!
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