Exercise is something we all dread and the struggle to get to a gym is real. If you find it too hard to leave your apartment once you get home but want to still get your steps in here are 3 tip-toe toning moves you can do from the comfort of your apartment home.

Yoga is one of the easiest exercises to complete in a small space. It is an apartment-friendly activity that can be easily stored under your bed. It is great for improving your balance and strength.

Body weight exercises can be done with ease in any small space. They build your strength and include planks, squats, sit ups, and wall sits. Add a couple resistant bands to the mix to change it up.

Cardio does not have to involve a treadmill. Mountain climbers, lunges and even dancing to your favorite tunes will elevate your heart rate and your neighbors won’t even know you are exercising.

How do you exercise on in your apartment? We want to hear in the comments below.

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