Sometimes it’s difficult to get enough vegetables into your diet, even if you love them.  This is a great time of year to resolve to eat more vegetables, though, as so many are in season and at their optimal taste in Summer.  Check out The Kitchn’s strategies for eating more vegetables every day.
If you join a CSA or have a box of vegetables delivered every week, you’ll be almost forced to eat them.  Plus, you’ll have to be more creative with how you cook because you need to make something with the vegetables you’ve been given.
Putting vegetables on the top shelf of your refrigerator means you see them every time you open the door and are much more likely to eat them than if they’re hidden away in a crisper drawer.
Prepare a week of vegetables beforehand on the weekend. You could have the vegetables all washed, chopped and ready to go, or you could go ahead and roast them or freeze them so they can be used in the future.  
Find out what your favorite way of having vegetables is and have them that way as often as possible.  Then, try making other vegetables that way to expand your vegetable repertoire.
Add vegetables to your favorite meals that you already prepare.  You can always add more vegetables to old loves like pasta, mac and cheese, pizza, etc.
There are tons more ideas over at The Kitchn, so be sure to check it out!
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