Moving into an apartment usually requires you to put a large up front deposit. Of course, when you move out you would like to see some of that deposit returned. A lot can happen between the time you get your apartment keys and the time you move-out. Following these 3 simple tips will help make sure you see that deposit back.

Take the move-in checklist serious
Make sure to thoroughly inspect the apartment and bring any items that need repairs to the attention of your landlord. Snap pictures for your own records and properly document the condition of your apartment so that you have a record incase any issues arise at move-out.

Read your lease
This is obvious, but worth repeating. Depending on your lease you might be required to fill holes or clean the windows. On top of leaving your apartment in good condition your lease will detail the steps to you need to take to get your security deposit back. Follow them!

Know your rights
Your rights will vary by location, but know what they are in your area. Make sure you know the time frame limits on getting your security deposit back along with reasons they could withhold your deposit. Check the limits and deadlines of your state.
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