If you have children then living with toys is an unavoidable fixture of your apartment. If you have recently found yourself fighting the piles of wooden blocks and plastic farm animals, then here are a few tips sure help get the mass of games and legos all under control.

Tip 1: Designate toy bins.
Find a basket or container for the toys and make it their permanent home. Get creative with your storage solutions and utilize under bed storage, storage ottomans, or even spice racks.
Inside Out
Tip 2: Main living spaces are not off limits.
Let’s face it, keeping toys hidden in the bedrooms is often unrealistic. Try blending them into the room. Add a shelf, some cute wicker baskets to the corner of the room, or just designating a section of the room to the toys – trust me it is better than stepping on them in the dark of night.

Tip 3: Less is more.
Having a home for everything, versus just stacking them up in the corner of the kitchen, will make for easier clean up. Spend 10 minutes a day cleaning up toys and do not let it pile up. If you run out of space them make more space and buy more containers, or start thinking about getting rid of stuff.

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