Moved into a new #apartment and need to cover the windows, but not sure what kind of window treatment is right for your space?  With Zillow’s help, you’ll be picking window coverings like a pro in no time!
The first question to ask yourself is how much privacy you need in your room?  If you don’t need your window coverings to provide privacy, then you can go with sheer fabrics so you can get as much natural light as possible.  If your window coverings need to provide privacy, go with more opaque fabrics.  
Curtains are gathered on a rod and generally remain stationary.  They can be any length from cafe style, which just covers the bottom half of the window to floor to ceiling curtains that go all the way to the floor.  Drapes, on the other hand, work on a system that allows you to open and close the panels by a cord that moves the slides holding the drapes along a track. 
 They can either just touch the floor, or puddle on the floor and the rods that hold them are usually mounted to the window frame or on the wall right above it.
Shades are another window-covering option and work well in a space where there isn’t room for curtains or drapes, or where you want a clean, modern look.  They either attach inside the window frame or on the molding outside the window frame.
Blinds and shutters can more completely block out light and are more adjustable.  Blinds come in both horizontal and vertical varieties and are generally made out of vinyl or metal.  Shutters are made of wood or vinyl and are generally more expensive.
All window treatments will require hardware so they can be attached to the wall or window.  When choosing your hardware, make sure to pick something that goes well with both your curtains and your decorating style.
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