One of the biggest expenses of Christmas can be wrapping paper, gift bags and all the trimmings.  Add to that the fact that it’s all literally thrown away as soon as the gift opening is over and it starts to become obvious why finding alternative ways to make your gifts look festive should be a priority. helps you save money and use stuff you have around the house while still making your gifts look gorgeous!
Use oatmeal containers as an adorable way to wrap your presents.  Add wrapping paper around the outside to make it look festive and for the cherry on top, add a bow made out of magazine pages.
Gift bags are expensive, but don’t forget they’re reusable!  Make a point of saving all the bags you get and you’ll have bags to use for years to come.  Often others don’t want to bother with taking bags home, so you can also get theirs.  
Kids’ artwork is an adorable way to wrap presents that will bring a smile to recipients’ faces.  Use larger pictures they make from throughout the year, or ask them to make some custom Christmas art just for your packages!
Brown kraft paper, available from office supply stores or hardware stores in the painting section, gives presents an antique look and you can even add stamps, stickers, or other decorations to dress it up.  Looking for a free alternative?  Try brown paper grocery bags!
Take-out containers are another fun way to wrap up gifts.  Wrap your gift in tissue paper so it can’t be seen and add some ribbon to dress it up.  This would especially be fun for food or treat gifts.
Resale shops often have large collections of wallpaper, which are another great way to wrap gifts.
Have a lot of fabric scraps that you’re just saving for a rainy day?  Use them to wrap gifts!  Cut to size and just tie with some pretty ribbon and you are done!  Scarves from a thrift store or ones you don’t wear anymore are another great source of materials for this project.
Finally, reusable containers, from tins to old suitcases, are all great ways to give a gift.  Think creatively and frequent thrift stores and garage sales, and you’ll find a substantial stockpile cheaply.
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