Winter is beginning to wind down so what better time to get your home ready for spring. This simple checklist is sure to help you get busy indoors while it is cold outdoors so that you can enjoy being outside when it begins to warm up. 

Clean out the pantry
February is a great time to clear out the pantry and get rid of any forgotten Christmas cookies or bulk items leftover from the holidays. Out with the old or expired, and in with the new.

Revisit your New Year’s Resolutions
Stay on top of your New Year’s resolutions, and do not forget about them after only one month. Did you want to keep your home more organized or clean? Use this month to revisit those resolutions you made and make any updates that you see necessary so that you stay on track!
Make a few freezer meals
Pick an afternoon and spend a couple hours cooking some of your favorite big batch meals. It is a great idea to stock up on freezer meals for the month. It will just make life so much easier on you when you come home and do not feel like cooking.
Clean your windows
We all love the crisp air blowing through the windows on a beautiful spring day. Start cleaning your interior windows now. In the winter we are more than likely to keep our windows shut to keep the apartment warm and dirt out, but with spring almost here it is time to dust off those window panels.

Decorate with LOVE
Valentine’s falls this month and what a great time to show your apartment some love. Buy yourself a beautiful flower arrangement to dress up your kitchen table, add some lights to your entry way, or just decorate your dining room table with some red. Either way get into the spirit!

What’s on your home-to-do’s for February? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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