The New Year brings a fresh start and clean slate, what better time to organize your apartment. If one of your goals this year is to organize your home, then these three organizational tips are sure to help you jumpstart your efforts in the New Year.

CLEAN OUT:  Start by decluttering your apartment. Try to move on to your new holiday stuff and get rid of anything old that can be replaced. Also, if you did not use any holiday decorations this year chances are you don’t need them. Remember all of this can go into a donation pile. Once you get rid of useless items, you will be amazed how much more spacious your apartment will start looking. This might be the hardest part, but it can also be very rewarding.Make this a new organized year for you!

ORGANIZE: Now that you have only kept the essentials start to organize your apartment. If you traveled over the holidays now is a good time to unpack and store the suite cases away. Start organizing every nook and cranny in your apartment. Add storage solutions to help you stay organized. It may seem overwhelming, but take it day by day and room by room.  Resolve to make the New Year a time to get and stay organized. Check out these simple and effective apartment friendly organizational tips for more ideas on our Pinterest board Apartment Organization.

START A ROUTINE: The most important part of organizing your home is keeping up with it. To keep up with the task you should set a daily and monthly routine. If you work in daily tasks then it will make the big jobs easier on you. Get a calendar and plan out your chores and stay on track. If you are having fun you just might never stop!

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