Apartment units do not usually come equipped with a security system, and while it sometimes can come at a cost to install one there are still several things that you can do to protect the assets inside your apartment while you are away. Since protecting your home from intrusions is always high on renter’s priorities, here are the top home invasion tips to follow if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.
1. Contact the post office.
Don’t leave clues that you are out of town. If you are going to be gone for more than a couple of days then go to your local post office and ask them to hold your mail. Place a hold also on any deliveries such as packages or your newspaper while you are gone. If you do not have the time to take these steps then ask a trusted neighbor to collect them for you. A huge pile of mail at your doorstep or sticking out of your mail slot will only send a clear message that nobody is home.
2. Leave the lights on.
Purchase several timers and place them throughout your apartment. Use the timers on radios and lamps to create the illusion that someone is at home. Make sure the timers go off at different times during the day and night.
3. Lock all doors and windows.
Remember to do the obvious and lock all doors and windows in your apartment before you leave. Make sure to secure any sliding glass doors. Close any shades or curtains so that your valuables are not exposed. If you have a deadbolt then make sure to lock that too. Take the spare keys out of commission and remove them from their usual hiding places. Do not give a thief any chances to break into your apartment.
4. Unplug!
Do not advertise on social media when you will be going out of town. Leave your trip off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and post vacation pictures when you are back from your trip.  An apartment left empty is a target so do not advertise when you are going to be out of town.

As a renter, all of your security concerns are different. Make sure to protect your apartment while you are on vacation so that you can clear your worries and fully enjoy your trip!

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